We are building a movement to accelerate disability innovation for a fairer world.

About us

IoT and Wereables Technology solutions for the disabled with the use of IT, High Tech and R&D works.

Work on our own project for the disabled and visually impaired, which has been run for over 2 years.

Implementation of projects of the Ministry of National Education as a Subcontractor in the field of e-learning platforms and textbooks for schools.
Implementation of the SaaS platform for MielecTech under the RPO Podkarpackie project.

Our newest developments

Games and Simulators related to solutions for Disabled People with social impact, creating education and training using Immersion VR / AR technology in the lives of disabled people, social education, removing “barriers”


Emerging technologies are changing the way people work, travel, communicate and interact, both at home and in their communities. For persons with disabilities, emerging technologies have the potential to increase inclusion, participation and independence and in some instances, are already doing so. However, there are very legitimate concerns and challenges about emerging technologies that all citizens, including citizens with disabilities, want to see addressed.

Development and use of emerging technologies should be critically assessed for their effects on our rights and freedoms, and regulated accordingly. Citizens are becoming aware of the potential of artificial intelligence but also of the potential misuse of their data. So, it is essential to widen the debate about these technologies beyond the technology community. Persons with disabilities should take part in this debate so they can reap the benefits of technology like everyone else. We want this report to provide an opportunity to start meaningful conversations between stakeholders, including persons with disabilities, the technology industry, policy makers and academia.

Together, we must ensure that emerging technologies deliver more independence and inclusion for 80 million European citizens with disabilities. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) gives us the right to be involved – time to engage!

Briefly, what do we do:

Research and development works on solutions dedicated for disabled and visually impaired people, taking into account the guidelines of the Accessibility Plus program and EU directives.

Leading a Living Lab in the field of testing and developing work dedicated to the disabled and the visually impaired.

Realization of projects in the relm of: IT / ICT, VR projects and games, simulators, in-ear and multimedia platforms in Poland and abroad.

Some of our projects

currently implementing:


Outbreak Hospital Simulator

The solution is a simulator of an infectious disease hospital operating during an outbreak of an infectious disease.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the solution is to bring simulation participants closer to the operation of infectious hospitals in their procedures and threats. It is planned to scale the solution through its commercial and educational use as a commonly available simulator as well as its professional use as a tool for VR training - for training in the performance of treatment procedures on infected patients. In both cases, this solution will belong to the so-called serious games, i.e. games whose subject matter goes beyond mere entertainment and is aimed at acquiring knowledge, changing attitudes/behaviour or practising difficult-to-repeat procedures.

The simulator allows you to repeatedly experience many possible scenarios and various events in a short time, which is not possible or difficult to reproduce in a real environment. The OT solution to which the solution is dedicated is SimFabric S.A.


Electro Bus Simulator

The solution is a simulator / trainer control, electric bus service management. 

In the simulator, the user would include the position of the electric bus driver. The simulator user will be able to become familiar with the electric bus service. 

The simulator together with the analytical tool will simulate and analyze the impact of the driver's driving technique on battery consumption and its efficient operation. In this way, an analytical and training tool will be created for drivers, as well as for manufacturers of modern electric buses. OT to whom the solution is dedicated: SimFabric S.A. 



Production of high quality Abstracts for the purpose of language education in general high schools.

The subject of the project is the provision of services consisting in the role of a lector (voice-over recordings in English) on the basis of a contract – orders under the project entitled “Creating high-quality Abstracts for language education in general high schools”

Comprehensive solutions supporting training processes, in particular those related to remote education. the project is carried out by a Polish provider of e-learning solutions for companies, universities, as well as schools and private individuals. The basic scope of the Employer’s services includes providing an e-learning platform and the production of dedicated electronic training.



Production of high-quality e-teaching materials.

The subject of the project is the provision of animation editing services for the purposes of creating high-quality chemistry teaching e-materials for a 4-year general high school and a 5-year technical college, adapted for disabled students (blind and visually impaired students, hearing impaired / deaf students) and pupils with other types of disabilities), enabling the increased use by schools and institutions of modernized content, tools and resources supporting the general education process.



Supply of specialized software enabling the SaaS model to provide electronic services supporting communication between website operators and their clients.

The project is divided into the following parts:

  1. Supply of WebRTC engine software.
  2. Supply of dedicated platform software enabling the provision of an electronic service in the SaaS model supporting communication between website operators and their clients using WebRTC technology.
  3. Service in the scope of installation and configuration of the e-service software and hardware environment supporting communication between website operators and their clients using WebRTC technology

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As an active, pioneering impaired solutions for decades, we deliver across one of the most comprehensive platforms. Delivering:


In 2015, a company called appliedVR created a platform that could be used to “impact chronic pain as well as acute pain and anxiety experiences before, after, and during surgery, child labor, oncology infusions, emergency room procedures, and rehabilitation sessions.” According to appliedVR’s website, since its founding, “appliedVR has delivered scientifically designed and validated digital health solutions to over 30,000 patients in more than 250 hospitals and in 8 countries globally.”


For Jester, appliedVR has made a huge difference. When Jester is overwhelmed by pain, he skips the pain medicine and instead, straps on his VR goggles. He finds that the 3-D technology can “refocus my attention to flying on the Wright’s airplane or looking at animals out on the plains, or looking at farm animals. It takes my attention away from the pain.” In time, Jester taught himself to use his mind (without the technology) to escape his pain for hours at a time.


In fact, Jester claims that virtual reality has done even more than reduce his pain and need for pain medicines. It has also done wonders for his recovery process he says. Jester is now able to move his leg — something doctors told him he would never be able to do. And research backs up Jester’s belief in how VR can hasten recovery. “Research has shown that VR-mediated rehabilitation can speed the pace at which these patients regain physical abilities”.

contact info:

Impaired Solutions Sp. z o.o.

ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 11 CD21
NIP PL 969 161 99 06
KRS 0000634412, share capital PLN 100,000 paid up in full

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